Sunday, September 18, 2005


Americans are in a dangerous slumber, wake up

Americans are in a dangerous slumber and they have been for quite some time. True, some are waking up, thank the Lord. Still, many are sleepwalking through the motions of their days and nights. They believe that they must go on with life the way it is even though they are not happy or satisfied. They keep on keeping on and in so doing they keep doing the same thing over and over expecting things to get better...and they aren't. There is this idea that if I just wait until the next election or until next year or until ________ fill in the blank then things will be better. HOGWASH! Things will be better when we take our power back and make some badly needed changes in the course of our history. This is not someone else's responsibility; it is ours, all of us who think that this world is bad and getting worse. We must restore sanity to our Government immediately. We must force it if we have to, with non-violent force but force nonetheless. Americans have shirked their political responsibilities for FAR TOO LONG! Now, we reap the result of this apathy and this complacency. Not all of us have been asleep. Those who are aware now are having constant nightmares about this administration. Wake-up Americans! How bad must it get? What does it take for you to say that you have had enough? If nothing changes, nothing you really want more of what you are getting? NOT ME, I've had enough.

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