Sunday, September 25, 2005


"Bureaucracy has committed murder here, and

bureaucracy must stand trial." Aaron Broussard, President Jefferson Parish

Thank you Mr. Broussard for your candid and honest remark about the aftermath of Katrina. I see that plain as day. It was the lack of response from the team whose mantra was "we're the only ones that can keep you safe from any threat any time any where, the other guy will let you die" that killed American citizens in New Orleans and the surrounding areas. The fact that Brownie lied to Americans for 4+ days about help that was "on the way" the fact that Chertoff DID NOTHING for 36 hours AFTER KATRINA HIT the fact that the "President" DID NOTHING as well. I watched Bush not only fail to act like a leader but fail to act like a human. I saw him laughing and joking and smiling the whole damn time he actually bothered to tour for his photo ops. These people, in my opinion, are criminally negligent and morally bankrupt. They have American blood on their hands. Their inaction and incompetence MURDERED AMERICAN CITIZENS. You are so right Mr. Broussard, "bureaucracy has committed murder and bureaucracy must stand trial."

Hey Pinata, Broussard has been proven a Liar.

You really should take down this post or update it.

Just saying.
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