Sunday, September 18, 2005


Chertoff waited 36 hours on purpose to do anything

So now the memos are coming out. Chertoff was at some avian flu meeting and doing some other equally pressing things in the midst of the Katrina crisis. Hey, I love birds...cardinals are my favorite, but I think Mr. Chertoff should go to jail for failing to meet the needs of American citizens. I think that his behavior was criminally negligent - just like others that he worked with and for. I am appalled at the lackadaisical approach this administration had to this crisis. To add insult to injury their ARROGANCE smacks every caring American in the face. They are now trying to excuse the INEXCUSABLE! I should hope that we decent Americans WILL NOT ALLOW that. It is up to us to hold these people ACCOUNTABLE. So, take their money if they actually give you any but don't buy into their bullshit. They lie, they always lie, they lie about everything and especially the most important things. Watch their actions not their talk. In the meantime, tell everyone you know, particularly the media to FIRE MICHAEL CHERTOFF for his CRUELTY and CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE!

You pick the place, I'll pay his air fare. Great point, there is no shame among these people because they lack fundamental values reflecting a humane world view. Enough of the disrespect and insolence!
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