Sunday, September 25, 2005


For America, A call of conscience

Lately the events happening here in America are a wake-up call for me. I mean, I have been awake since 2000 when the "High Court" stuck its nose someplace it didn't belong (Thanks John Roberts) and put this lying lunatic in office. Ever since then I have watched in horror as my country has deteriorated in many ways and is certainly on the decline under this evil regime. I have watched as Republicans continue to put partisan politics ahead of ethics, ahead of the Constitution, ahead of the interests of the American people they presume to represent. I have watched as these same Republicans use circular rhetoric to talk and talk and say nothing...they make no sense; their empty words are symbolic of the insanity that has seized our country. Fortunately, I am not a lone witness to this tragedy. I am now keenly aware that this is a call of conscience, of individual conscience and of collective American conscience. What will you do for your country? What will I do for America? Not this perverted America, but the America that Patriots fought and died for and that other Patriots created for us. What are we willing to do for America? Will we put our lives, our efforts, our will, our energy, our money, our time, our everything into taking our country back? Or will we continue down the same road, doing the same thing, the same way day after day when it is so obviously NOT WORKING. I say, we must DO what it takes. We must be vigilant. We must answer this call of conscience with a resounding willingness to restore America to what it was meant to be. We can do better. Our conscience calls us to do better. Will we hear the call? Will we heed it?

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