Saturday, September 17, 2005


Katrina Victims: Charity is good, Rights are better!

To the victims of Hurricane Katrina I say this, "charity is good, rights are better." I didn't come up with the phrase, I read it at and I hope you will visit the site too. There is alot of talk since Katrina about a "New New Orleans" just between you and me and the rock, I don't want a homogenized New Orleans where greedy Developers create some ridiculous version of a Louisiana boardwalk or a city where thousands of African-Americans, the poor, or other minorities are excluded from the recreation of New Orleans; a city rich in culture, in music, in diversity and history. I don't want a New Orleans for the RICH ONLY. I want my New Orleans back. See, when you send thousands of American citizens (NOT REFUGEES) out of Louisiana to scatter them around the country you radically alter the nature of the state, especially the city of New Orleans, and you radically alter the POLITICAL LANDSCAPE too. I think we must be vigilant not to allow such a tricky, dirty pool stunt from those that would like to see a "New New Orleans." American citizens have RIGHTS! Charity is good, rights are better. Let's see to it that we WATCH what goes on there now. Let's be certain that we are awake and aware, our eyes are open and we are not gullible or naive to the foulness at hand. Let's see to it that the victims of Hurricane Katrina have RIGHTS and that these rights are looked after. Next time, it could be your rights, your property or mine.

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