Saturday, September 17, 2005


Using the "I" word...Impeachment.

Thank you Ms. McKinney for using the "I" word – IMPEACHMENT! I want Bush impeached. In my opinion, this is the 64 million dollar question? This Government of ours can try to impeach a President who has a great economy going, he’s keeping us safe, he’s working for the majority of the people, he IS competent and intelligent, fast on his feet in times of need, and can actually, as President, hold a conversation (including receiving questions from OPPONENTS and answering them) because of a personal matter like a sexual indiscretion? Oh, no wait, the deal was that Clinton lied. Hmm. NOONE DIED WHEN CLINTON LIED! However, when Bush lies about matters like, for instance, going to war or when he fails us in such a colossal and public way (which is apparently obvious to everyone but Bush and those working for him) he is not to be removed from office? That said, if that turns out to be true, then our Federal Government has ceased to function. I mean some of us have doubted for some time that this administration was functional but it will be so incredibly, blatantly obvious to everyone that it is no longer working. I am outraged. I watched all last week as Bush failed not only to act like a President but to act like a human being. I saw him laughing, smiling, joking about drinking too much, patting people on the back for “doing a heck of a job.” WHAT? I DID NOT see was any sense of urgency in his actions; in fact, I saw no action. I saw no concern. I saw no “Compassion” from that “Conservative.” I saw no angst! I was more disturbed than the Bush was. Then, I hear that he asked Nancy Pelosi, “what didn’t go right?” That is shocking and frightening to me. I have a whole list of what didn’t go right. Nancy Pelosi is correct in saying that Bush is DANGEROUS. Furthermore, in my opinion, the Federal Government is criminally negligent for failing to 1) secure the safety of American people in distress; and 2) not following the law, the one they themselves put in place. The way I see it, Bush has blood on his hands and anyone who stands with him does too. Americans died from lack of water and medical care while others suffered in the chaos that ensued and NONE of it was necessary. God help anyone who can call that man-made disaster of a response “adequate.” Not to mention that now, as the fourth anniversary of 9-11 approaches, the administration who has bragged for years that they are the “only ones who can keep us safe here at home from any threat any time any where” FAILED! GOP Party loyalty seems loyal unto death, not their own deaths mind you, but the deaths of innocent others. IT IS INEXCUSEABLE!

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