Saturday, September 17, 2005


We the People will defeat the evildoers.

There is a song by Supaclean called "Oil Change" and I love it. It starts out like this:
"We the people will defeat the evildoers. Can I speak my mind about this administration a paranoid, flag-wavin' boil on the nation. Creation of a new kind of sensation, hypocrite, dictators man I lost my patience." It gets even better. Thank you Supaclean.

I think this is the hope for America. Which after the recent DC rally is really uplifting. Some say there were 100,000 Americans there protesting the War in Iraq. Others say the numbers were more like 300,000 or even 500,000. I don't know the exact count. I think 300,000 is a fair estimate. It looked like a reasonable figure from the photos I saw. Perhaps there were more, but it doesn't really matter - the specifics I mean - because there were tons of people there. That means that "We the people" are only growing in numbers in our resistance to this evil regime with its "culture of corruption." That brings me great joy and much hope. Does it bring the same to you? I think we can take our country back. I think tons of us want it back now. I think there are millions of Americans who have their eyes wide open and can see that this is NOT America; NOT the America that we love, NOT the American that people before us fought and died for. We can do better. We are going in the wrong direction under this administration. It is obvious to most of us, even to the MAJORITY of us now. That is a wonderful thing. We the people will defeat the evildoers.

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