Sunday, October 02, 2005


A tribute to Mr. Broussard's decency and integrity.

In his own words, Mr. Aaron Broussard from the 9/25/05 Transcript of Meet the Press with Tim (I should be ashamed of myself) Russert.

“...Now, everything that was told to me about the preface of that was told to me by my own employees. Do you think I would interrogate a man whose mother just died and said, "Tommy, I want to know everything about why your mother just died"? The staff, his own staff, told me those words. Sir, that woman is the epitome of abandonment. She was left in that nursing home. She died in that nursing home...”

Listen, sir, somebody wants to nitpick a man's tragic loss of a mother because she was abandoned in a nursing home? Are you kidding? What kind of sick mind, what kind of black-hearted people want to nitpick a man's mother's death? They just buried Eva last week. I was there at the wake. Are you kidding me? That wasn't a box of Cheerios they buried last week. That was a man's mother whose story, if it is entirely broadcast, will be the epitome of abandonment. It will be the saddest tale you ever heard, a man who was responsible for safekeeping of a half a million people, mother's died in the next parish because she was abandoned there and he can't get to her and he tried to get to her through EOC. He tried to get through the sheriff's office. He tries every way he can to get there. Somebody wants to debate those things? My God, what sick-minded person wants to do that?

What kind of agenda is going on here? Mother Nature doesn't have a political party. Mother Nature can vote a person dead and Mother Nature can vote a community out of existence. But Mother Nature is not playing any political games here. Somebody better wake up. You want to come and live in this community and see the tragedy we're living in? Are you sitting there having your coffee, you're in a place where toilets flush and lights go on and everything's a dream and you pick up your paper and you want to battle ideology and political chess games? Man, get out of my face. Whoever wants to do that, get out of my face.”


"Anonymous" left a comment here - My response

"Anonymous" left a rude, ignorant comment about the post I wrote regarding Mr. Aaron Broussard from Jefferson Parish Louisiana. "Anonymous" wrote:

"Hey Pinata, Broussard has been proven a liar. You really should take down this post or update it. Just saying."

I presume that "Anonymous" is referring to the segment on Meet The Press recently where Tim Russert tried to make a liar out of Mr. Broussard. BTW shame on you Tim Russert, you should be ashamed of yourself for re-traumatizing Mr. Broussard and blindsiding him with the earlier segment, the least you could have done was let him know ahead of time your intentions. I think that the episode aired on September 25th on MSNBC. You can read the transcript at WWW.MSNBC.MSN.COM. I would hardly agree with "Anonymous" that Mr. Broussard was "proven a liar." I think that is a matter of opinion, far from fact.

What did Mr. Broussard supposedly lie about? That his friend called his mother instead of the mother calling the friend? Is that is? Is that what "Anonymous" (and undoubtedly others) believe makes him a "liar"? The immoral majority never ceases to sink to new lower levels; what kind of person needs to debate this kind of thing? Since when do we attack people who are traumatized, who have lost more than we can imagine, who are grieving, who are struggling - what kind of human being does that? What kind of human being does that and can't even see how unkind and mean spirited that is? I think the particulars of who called whom are NOT the issue here. I think people who try to make that the issue are missing the point. Furthermore, if we are going to start judging liars, how about we start with the neoconster gang in the White House? They have lied through their teeth, right to our faces for nigh on 5 years now.

Aside from the "proven a liar" theory, I think the name calling ("Pinata") that "Anonymous" chooses to use is rude and uncalled for. Surely we can do better; even if we disagree we can be more civil than that. Why the need to attack right off the bat? What's up with that? I think you can leave your comment, state your case, say what you think, put your two cents in....and do it all in a civil manner but hey, that 's just me.


GOP sticks with DeLay, makes him an "Advisor"

The GOP's decision to stick with Tom DeLay right now is proof positive that they are putting politics before the good of the country, before the best interests of the American people, before their Constitutional duty, before ethical and moral behavior, before everything that is right and good. Their decision is wrong and quite foolish. Although, I am not certain that they have a choice they are stuck in the quicksand of this "Culture of Corruption" that surrounds them. I would speculate that from their point of view, they must stick together and keep pretending all is well; they must continue to tell the lies that they now believe because they have said them over and over and over. Nonetheless, the recent decision for the GOP and the White House to remain allied with Tom DeLay just goes to show that these people are more interested in their own agenda first and foremost, above all else...GOP politics before country. Their actions speak louder than their words and America pays the price for their foolishness.

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