Sunday, October 02, 2005


"Anonymous" left a comment here - My response

"Anonymous" left a rude, ignorant comment about the post I wrote regarding Mr. Aaron Broussard from Jefferson Parish Louisiana. "Anonymous" wrote:

"Hey Pinata, Broussard has been proven a liar. You really should take down this post or update it. Just saying."

I presume that "Anonymous" is referring to the segment on Meet The Press recently where Tim Russert tried to make a liar out of Mr. Broussard. BTW shame on you Tim Russert, you should be ashamed of yourself for re-traumatizing Mr. Broussard and blindsiding him with the earlier segment, the least you could have done was let him know ahead of time your intentions. I think that the episode aired on September 25th on MSNBC. You can read the transcript at WWW.MSNBC.MSN.COM. I would hardly agree with "Anonymous" that Mr. Broussard was "proven a liar." I think that is a matter of opinion, far from fact.

What did Mr. Broussard supposedly lie about? That his friend called his mother instead of the mother calling the friend? Is that is? Is that what "Anonymous" (and undoubtedly others) believe makes him a "liar"? The immoral majority never ceases to sink to new lower levels; what kind of person needs to debate this kind of thing? Since when do we attack people who are traumatized, who have lost more than we can imagine, who are grieving, who are struggling - what kind of human being does that? What kind of human being does that and can't even see how unkind and mean spirited that is? I think the particulars of who called whom are NOT the issue here. I think people who try to make that the issue are missing the point. Furthermore, if we are going to start judging liars, how about we start with the neoconster gang in the White House? They have lied through their teeth, right to our faces for nigh on 5 years now.

Aside from the "proven a liar" theory, I think the name calling ("Pinata") that "Anonymous" chooses to use is rude and uncalled for. Surely we can do better; even if we disagree we can be more civil than that. Why the need to attack right off the bat? What's up with that? I think you can leave your comment, state your case, say what you think, put your two cents in....and do it all in a civil manner but hey, that 's just me.

I have those silly freeping cyber terrorists on my blog too, had to change my settings.
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