Sunday, October 02, 2005


GOP sticks with DeLay, makes him an "Advisor"

The GOP's decision to stick with Tom DeLay right now is proof positive that they are putting politics before the good of the country, before the best interests of the American people, before their Constitutional duty, before ethical and moral behavior, before everything that is right and good. Their decision is wrong and quite foolish. Although, I am not certain that they have a choice they are stuck in the quicksand of this "Culture of Corruption" that surrounds them. I would speculate that from their point of view, they must stick together and keep pretending all is well; they must continue to tell the lies that they now believe because they have said them over and over and over. Nonetheless, the recent decision for the GOP and the White House to remain allied with Tom DeLay just goes to show that these people are more interested in their own agenda first and foremost, above all else...GOP politics before country. Their actions speak louder than their words and America pays the price for their foolishness.

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